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International Recruitment Agents

Use of a recruitment agent is not required to apply to the Manitoba Tourism Education College. To apply directly to MTEC, please complete the International Student Application here.

Many applicants do choose to use the services of a recruitment agent. MTEC works with a number of authorized recruitment agents. (list to be confirmed) Recruitment and immigration agents that are not listed (list to be confirmed) do not have an agreement with MTEC.

MTEC is a designated education provider in Manitoba, Canada. As a designated post-secondary education provider, MTEC operates in accordance with the Manitoba International Education Act (IEA). MTEC’s authorized recruitment agents must also adhere to the IEA, and its Regulations, including the Code of Practice and Conduct Regulation, as set out by the province of Manitoba.

MTEC’s Authorized Recruitment Agents have a signed agreement with MTEC, represent our recruitment interests and are committed to act in the best interests of the institution and MTEC students. Under their agreement, they must acknowledge and agree that the effective performance of their services requires acting with honesty and integrity and in furtherance of the interests of MTEC students. They must also acknowledge and agree that they will use ethical behaviour and ethical decision making in their relationship with MTEC, and with all people they deal with for the duration of their agent agreement.


Download Application Download:
MTEC Recruitment Services Agreement