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About the Manitoba Tourism Education College (MTEC)

The Manitoba Tourism Education College is a not-for-profit private vocational school and an associated corporation of the Manitoba Tourism Education Council. The Manitoba Tourism Education Council was established in 1989 as a not-for-profit organization that receives provincial funding to assist the tourism industry in Manitoba remain sustainable, through training their managers, supervisors and employees.

The Manitoba Tourism Education College was established to meet current and long-term employer needs by preparing future employees for positions in the tourism, hospitality and retail industries in Manitoba. This private vocational school will deliver six to eight week training programs plus a 30 hour practicum as well as a new 10-month training program where students will graduate with a Certificate in Hospitality & Hotel Certificate and learn hotel and hospitality skills to prepare them to work in the tourism and hospitality industry in Canada.


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The Manitoba Tourism Education College is a Private, Not for Profit, Private Vocational Institution, Regulated by the Provincial Government.

The College is also a Designated Learning Institution. DLI # O263386042822

 Note: the initial character in the DLI # is the letter 'O' as in Oscar, and not the number zero.