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Hospitality and Hotel Certificate Program

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Course Information 

This 800 hour (10 month) training program will prepare students with the knowledge and skills required to work in the hospitality and hotel industry in Canada.

Training includes: Front Desk Clerk, Housekeeping Room Attendant, Food & Beverage Server and either or Line Cook or Retail Sales Associate.


PROGRAM COST: International and Canadian Students

Tuition $16,500 
Training Completion Fund $82.50 
Books and Supplies $600 
Registration Fee $200 
Other Fees
(Mandatory Medical insurance)
Total Training Investment $18,382.50 



Workplace Essentials: This course is designed to teach transferable skills that will make students more employable. In addition to reading assignments, students will use self- reflection, solve problems through case studies and practice skills. They will learn all of the essential skills needed to work in the hospitality industry.

Canadian Workplace Essentials: Canadian Workplace Essentials refers directly to the workplace experience and the values, attitudes and cultures that are common throughout places of work in Canada. This course is designed to identify specific soft skills that a new employee needs in order to successfully adapt to Canadian workplace cultures. The ten skills presented in this course relate to the attitudes, skills and knowledge essential for success in the tourism sector.

Front Desk Clerk: A Front Desk Clerk works directly with the public, often in the hospitality industry or in a related field. These professionals are often the first impression that anyone has of a business. Front Desk Clerks provide many guest services, working in the lobby or reception areas of hotels, motels, resorts and other accommodation facilities. The position is challenging, varied and offers the opportunity to work flexible hours.

Food & Beverage Server: A Food and Beverage Server is a sales and service attendant who provides food and beverage service using interpersonal skills, product knowledge, and sales techniques to meet and exceed guests’ expectations. The areas covered in the training are food and beverage product knowledge, beverage preparation and serving techniques, processing payments and safety and sanitation.

Housekeeping Room Attendant: After completing the Housekeeping Room Attendant Program, students will be able to demonstrate the following skills and duties and develop the knowledge and attitude to be considered competent in an occupation. Focus will be on following policies and procedures, industry terminology, guest relations, safety, emergency procedures and performing core tasks such a cleaning guest rooms, property facilities and laundry activities.

Line Cook: A Line Cook is a cook who supervises a specific area of the kitchen, rather than the kitchen as a whole. He or she reports to the head cook, who is in charge of overall quality control within the kitchen. The duties of this cook vary, depending on the type of restaurant he or she is employed at. The areas covered in the training are: Professionalism, safety and sanitization, kitchen operation, preparation and cooking.

Retail Sales Associate: A Retail Sales Associate works in a retail store, assisting customers in the selection of products. This position can be found at any retail outlet from chain stores to boutique stores and across a large variety of products. The areas covered in the training are customer service, product knowledge, sales, merchandising and loss prevention.


Various Training Sessions and Workshops

Manitoba Service Excellence: This workshop will discuss the impact customer service can have on you, your team, your customers and ultimately your business. By the end of the workshop, the participant will understand the Domino Effect that their attitude, attention to detail and working as a customer focused team has of their company.

Managing Workplace Stress: This course has been created to help participants better manage their own stress. A three-option method for addressing stressful situations, and identify a toolbox of stress management techniques will be provided.

Professional Telephone Skills: This course will assist in creating a positive impression of a business through the telephone. Participants will learn how to handle unique and/or difficult callers and how to effectively handle objections.

Team Building and Conflict Resolution: In this workshop we will discuss the importance of teamwork and how participants can become a team player.

Respectful Workplaces: This workshop will provide participants with information and practical solutions to help implement and maintain a respectful workplace.

Handling Difficult Situations: This workshop will help to identify difficult situations and how to professionally handle various situations.

Ethical Decision Making: This session is focused on how people make decisions and the role that ethics and integrity play in the workplace and in your life.

Time Management: Participants will learn to identify and focus on the tasks that will have the greatest impact on reaching their personal and professional goals.

Self Confidence: Participants will learn the importance of self confidence and how it factors into many things they do and decisions they make in their personal and work lives. Ways to build self confidence will be discussed.

Career Development: Participants will learn how to develop their résumé, which will now include their past experience as well as the new education and certificates they have received in this 10 month training program.

Emergency First Aid Level C & Level 1 AED: Meets Occupational Health & Safety Regulations for Basic First Aid. This workshop exceeds competitors’ standards by including injury prevention content, CPR and AED.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS): This course will provide participants with the information to prevent or reduce the likelihood of disease or injury in the workplace.

Smart Choices Responsible Service Certification: This program is mandatory for anyone serving or selling alcohol in Manitoba. It will assist the participant in planning and implementing ways of reducing alcohol-related and gambling risks.

Smart Choices Cannabis Retail Certification: This program is mandatory certification for anyone selling cannabis or cannabis products in a licensed retail store in Manitoba.

Occupational Safety and Health Basics: Participants will have a thorough understanding of the importance of occupational safety and health in the workplace.

Food Handler Certification: MTEC is an authorized contractor to deliver Manitoba Health’s approved Food Handler’s Certification Program, administer the provincial exam and score the exams.

Note: all of the training, except the work practicum, is delivered in the classroom and the core curriculum is based on National Occupational Standards.

Work Practicum

The unpaid work practicum will be arranged by MTEC. Students gain valuable experience, which is part of the learning process and the hours are counted as part of the 800 hour program.

Entrance Requirements:

Students must be a minimum 18 years of age and government ID will be required to verify age.

IELTS testing score 6. Certificate from accredited institution required for verification.

COVID-19 Readiness Plan:

Download the MTEC COVID-19 Readiness Plan by clicking here.


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